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While driving on the Hanlon Parkway (Highway 6 north*) after turning off Highway 401, it doesn’t take long to spot dogs running and playing on the other side of the bordering fence. They are enjoying untethered freedom in John Gamble Park.

This prodigious zone provides extensive trails and pathways, which offer a convenient and rewarding break for those travelling through the area. We’ve often made use of it ourselves. On the first visit, we walked for a couple of hours and didn’t even come close covering it all. Of the couple of paths we’ve taken, one moves into the bushes and grass, where it meanders over uneven terrain and eventually comes across a pond. The other, flatter path takes a straight course and is the one seen from the highway. Another walker I once chatted with told me there are paths winding throughout the adjoining woods. Tessi and I have yet to explore them.

I’m really impressed with this off-leash park that is so big it allows our four-legged friends a proper freedom.

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  • John Gamble Park (Old Hanlon Road), Guelph (*website states that the park is located off Highway 6 south—it’s actually off Highway 6 north.)
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Isn't John Gamble Park great? I really enjoyed the interaction the dogs can have at this park.  It was great to see dogs in packs playing and truly enjoying the company of their cohorts.  Some of my fondest memories walking Tandi in Guelph were at this park by the holding ponds seeing bi-coloured dogs, mud coloured roots on the bottom half and their natural colour on top.  It would be worth the stop for anyone travelling with their dog a long distance to stop here to tire them out with a free range run in the meadows or through the walking paths in the woods.

-Dr. Michael Fife, DVM, CVC, Fife Animal Hospital