Keen on my Keens (A Review on Keen Sandals)

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For those of us who take our dogs for daily walks, especially when we extend them into nature hikes, there’s not much worse to suffer from than achy feet. While covered in shoes, my tootsies can quickly swelter from improper support or warm temperatures. I tend to sport sandals when other people are wearing closed-in shoes. I’d be happy to run around with bare feet if they were as tough as Tessi’s paws. But they’re not, so I need the proper gear to make up for my human deficiency. When I came across Keen sandals, I thought they we’re quite odd looking—kind of a hybrid of regular sandals and hiking shoes. Wide bands of webbing join a centre piece on the upper section, which is topped with a bungee lace system. A thick, rubbery toe cap closes in the toes. As soon as I tried them on, I found the comfort level immediate. The footbed cradles my sole and supports my arch. Though my wallet balked at giving up the bucks, I was otherwise easily convinced to buy them. They’re expensive for someone on a tight budget. Yet, considering the quality, the price is justifiable. You get what you pay for. And, in actuality, they’re comparably priced to other quality footwear.

…sturdy and tough...

My Keens are sturdy and tough. I’ve climbed rocks, trudged through mud, walked in rain and waded through rivulets the rain has created. I’ve had them a number of years now and they still look new, though the footbed support is starting to break down. Benefits
  • Strong, tough and durable.
  • Added toe protection—the feature Keen is known for.
  • Comfortable.
  • Superb grip for rugged terrain.
  • When I’m walking on small stones or pebbles, they tend to easily slip in at the heel and become lodged under my feet. Because the toes are closed-in, I can’t tip the sandal down to knock the stones out and they won’t drop out if I arch my foot the other way to bang on the heel. I’m usually forced to pull the sandal off and shake the stones out.
The advantage I have with the need, as a frail human, for footgear is that I’m protected from issues Tessi isn’t, such as hot pavement or broken glass. Nevertheless, we’ve put on many pleasant kilometres while walking—her on her naked paws and me in my comfy Keens. For More Info
  • Keen has assorted types of sandals. The pair I own are the Newport H2.

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