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For over twenty years, I’ve explored several aspects of photography.

My first interest was in nature, through which I’ve discovered colourful sunsets, calm waves lapping on serene rocky shores and the contentment of the peace and quiet nature has to offer.

In those early years, my biggest influence was photographer, Freeman Patterson. His love of nature is truly reflected in his pictures and his way of teaching is easy to understand. I’ve also attended a couple of his seminars when they’ve taken place in my area. Even the fact his home is in New Brunswick inspires me, as the Maritimes is one of my favourite travel destinations.

I soon added people photography to my skills. I enjoy capturing a moment in their life and seeing an expression recorded forever.

After adopting my dog, Tessi, in 2005, I specialized in pet photography for a few years. Each animal has his or her own unique personality that inspires me. Having a dog eventually prompted me to take up writing. Read Canine Inspiration to see how. These days, my efforts are focused more on writing short non-fiction stories and articles than photography. The only pictures I take are to accompany them and just for fun.

There isn’t any particular writer that currently inspires me, though I enjoy many authors’ works and a variety of genres. As a lover of science fiction in my early teenage years, Ray Bradbury books topped my reading list. Back then, my mind would take me to distant stars to meet alien races and glimpse strange, unfamiliar worlds. This was long before I realized what an interesting planet we already tread upon.

I’m fascinated with travelling, especially in Canada. I think we have a beautiful, diverse country. I love having Tessi with me on my journeys. My goal is to find and write about places we can enjoy together and to share that information with others.

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