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Myriad groups and individuals dedicate their lives in helping domestic animals in need or raising awareness of their issues. The following are some of the groups I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my writing assignments or have been blessed to become associated with just for sharing in the love for our furry pals.
  • Wrapped in Love: Members from across the continent create blankets to donate to rescue groups.
  • Cat Lake Friends of Animush: Volunteers help the First Nation people of northern isolated
    Ann Babey of Animush

    Ann Babey of Animush

    fly-in communities in Ontario with their dog issues by providing education, spay/neutering, preventatives and re-homing unwanted dogs.
  • CK Animal Rescue: Rescues dogs from high kill shelters and places them in foster homes until adopted.
  • Purple Leash Campaign: Raises awareness of and offers temporary homes to the pet victims of domestic violence.
  • ElderDog: Helps senior dogs that have lost their human companions and assists human seniors with their dogs so they’re able to keep them longer.
  • Wags4Hope: Teenager Annie Blumenfeld spreads heartworm disease awareness to pet owners and helps support shelter animals’ medical needs with sales of her artwork.
  • The Animal Rescue Foundation of Ontario (ARF): Works with First Nation communities in Ontario to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home stray dogs and cats.
  • CanFix: Provides affordable, accessible spay/neuter programs in Ontario’s First Nations.
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