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“Musing” according to my Oxford dictionary, means “A period of reflection or thought.” I’ve thought about, reflected upon and as a result have researched topics related to travel, the outdoors and our dogs. I’ve taken that and my own experiences with Tessi and share what I’ve come up with in the Musings below. I don’t delve too heavily into any of the subject matter. For those interested in learning more, I include links to other sites for further information.

Carrying Their Own Load - Musings about Doggy Backpacks

Rare Encounters – Really? – Musings on the Massasauga Rattlesnake

Taking to the Skies – Musings on Flying with a Dog

Travel and the Queasy Tummy – Musings on Motion Sickness

The Life of the Party – Musings on Socializing Dogs

A Saltwater Dip – Musings about Dogs and the Ocean

Automobiles, Trains and Planes – Musings on Public Transportation, Rentals and Dogs

Beware of the Wild Beast – The Big Guys -  Musings on Dogs and Wildlife, Part 1

Beware of the Wild Beast – The Little Guys – Musings on Dogs and Wildlife, Part 2

A Deadly Bloom – Musings about Algae Blooms and Dogs

Camping with Free Reign – Musings about Camping on Crown Land

Dogs and Beaches Don't Mix? - Musings on Why Dogs Aren't Allowed on Beaches

A Safe Ride - Musings on Dogs Riding Safely in Cars

Where Dogs May Tread - Musings on What Doggy Paws May Encounter

Travel in the Twilight Years – Musings on Travel and the Aging Dog


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